What is IoT Solution?

By definition, “The Internet of Things” is literally having every “thing” connected in a vast, gigantic network, consisting of three layers: sensor layer, network layer, application layer. The sensor layer consists of hardware devices that have sensing, computing, and communication capabilities, and are used to gather physical parameter data. The network layer acts as a data highway in the Internet of Things, and consists of both wired and wireless networks such as 3G and LTE. The application layer is made up of a wide range of intelligent applications that receive data from the sensor layer and transforms it into useful business intelligence.

IEI plays an important role in the Internet of Things by providing devices integrated with Automatic Identification and Data Capture and wireless functions. On one end, data is collected through readers; and on the other end, collected data is transmitted through wireless to a back-end system. The back-end system normally consists of a storage area in which information can be located for further processing. This is where our sister company, QNAP, plays an important role.

   iKarPC Lite

The iKarPC-Lite is a one-of-its-kind in-vehicle device that ensures efficient in-vehicle and out-vehicle communication. Not only offering GPS navigation, identification, and networked computing services, but also providing users with vehicle diagnostic tools and fleet management options.

  • 7” 500 cd/m² TFT LCD with projective capacitive touch
  • Power saving and trendy platform with Android 4.1.2 operating system
  • WWAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for efficient mobile connectivity
  • On-board diagnostics with OBD-II
  • Built-in  GPS with external receiver that enables travel navigation, real-time locating and path tracking
  • Built-in RFID reader for identification purposes


The UPC-V315 provides different kinds of communication interfaces, such as LAN/ WLAN/3G/GPS/ Bluetooth/RFID, which maximize flexibility of system integration and ensure seamless workflow.

  • 15” Full IP65 Aluminum Panel PC
  • PCIe Mini card expansion
  • Built-in 2-megapixel webcam
  • CAN-bus interface with isolation


The IURS-300 is an intelligent UHF reader system for IoT.

  • Powered by Windows® CE 6.0 Professional
  • ISO 18000-6C (EPC Gen2) Full Protocol Support
  • ISO 18000-6A/B Compatible in Direct Mode
  • RFID Frequency Range: 840MHz to 960MHz

Please contact sales@ieiworld.com to get more information.


The ICECARE 7" Mobile Field Assistant is a rugged tablet PC with advanced data acquisition and wireless technologies, especially designed to improve productivity and efficiency in field applications.

  • Powered by Android 4.1.2 OS
  • 1D laser / 2D imager scan engine, HF RFID reader
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3.75G wireless
  • Built-in Ublox GPS with internal antenna
  • Dual hot swappable battery


MODAT-335 Field Service Terminal meets the needs of all mobile workforces. This semi-rugged PDA is designed to not only withstand tough environments, but also to provide the best data capturing and wireless technologies to operators.

  • Android 4.1.2 OS / Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and WCDMA/HSDPA or GPRS wireless technology
  • Built-in GPS
  • 1D Laser/2D Imager scanner
  • Supports Mifare (ISO 14443A) Felica, ISO 18092 and ISO 15693 RFID reader
  • Optional UHF multiple tag reader

   QNAP NAS Solution

Unlike traditional storage devices, QNAP NAS supports many valuable software functions like File Server, Backup Server, FTP Server, and remote replication to satisfy the need of small to large scale users. Lots of advanced and complicated functions which could only be done by IT professionals before can now be easily done by web browser.

  • Simple Activation: File Server, Backup Server, Folder creation and access authority are embedded functions in QNAP’s NAS. There is no need to install other software which is very convenient for non-professional users.
  • Simple Web Management Interface: User management, data sharing authority and other settings can be completed easily through the web browser.
  • Support Remote Data Backup: Data on QNAP NAS can be backed up to a remote QNAP NAS by simple configuration.
Please visit www.qnap.com to get more information.